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History of Al Delta Co.

Since 1997 the brothers Mrs. Bashar &Bachir Al Jaghbeer started to establish Al-Delta Companies Group from a small Livestock company of 40 employees into one of the leading exporting and importing company in Jordan.
Our rapid development is aproof of our ability to stay at the cutting edge of a great diversity of markets.
Taking responsibility providing the markets with top quality of meat and fodder , takes big effort.
We prepared and developed the farms with modern technical equipment, Al Delta Group farms can storage up to 380,000 head of lambs and 40,000 head of bulls (Calves).
We have ships to transport the livestock (Delta1),and (Basem 1).
And Al Delta Transportation and shippingco . (with include 50 transport cars).
Al Delta group owns subsidiary companies at Egypt &Romania .
And 11 point for sale and distribute meet in Jordan.
Moreover, after reached the regional markets like Turkey, Romania and Egypt in Livestock sector, Al Delta Companies Group entered the grains field in the year of 2005 .
Now it is one of the biggest importers and exporters in Jordan, the import around 250,000 tons a year .
We have warehouses& Silos with a capacity of 120,000 MT of (soya meal, corn and barley) ..
Also Al Delta group ,candeal with all stuff that could help in the feeding process for the chicken and livestock like ( straw , hay , alfalfa , corn silage, premix mixtures and other stuff).
In the previous two years, our sales activities started in Iraq and Egyptian markets.
So, now the main goal of our group is to extend and strengthen the relationships with al markets (The Locally &Regionally ).

Al-Delta Companies Group For Trading and Investment
  • Al-Delta Company For Trading Meat and Cattle / Amman – Jordan
  • Al-Delta Company For Land Transportation / Amman – Jordan
  • Al-Baraka International Company For Trading, Importing and Manufacturing Corns and Feeds LTD
  • Romil Company For a Real estate Development / Dubai
  • Al-Delta Company For a Livestock Maritime Shipping / Panama